Make a Positive Change Today

Our ethos is to support positive change, for all of us and the environment.

When we started this journey we asked ourselves, why settle for what we've always done when it is harmful to us and the environment. Especially, when there is an alternative that offers all the benefits of quality sea salt, without harmful pollutants and has less impact on the environment.

We want to help you make a positive change, and see for yourself... with pristine, wild harvested salt.

That is why we are offering everyone the benefits normally only available to our loyal customers: a 20% discount for 1kg bags of salt, just use the code WELCOME at checkout. You can also register for an account to become a loyal customer to continue to receive these benefits in future.

On top of that, because we want you to make this positive change, we'll also pay for your shipping on either fine cooking salt or grinder salt (up to 5kg). That's cheaper than anywhere else you will find our salt and delivered right to your door.

The only catch... we ask that you pass it on and help someone else make a positive change in their life too.

CLICK HERE: to take advantage of this offer Enter code : WELCOME at checkout

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