Celtic sea salt and Himalayan salt could expose your children to too much Lead, Mercury and other heavy metals

Scientists compared a range of ‘gourmet’ salts including Himalayan Pink and Celtic grey salts with table salt and synthetically produced salt, looking at the levels of heavy metals they contained.  The results are quite shocking, particularly in their implications for children.   

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Sodium and Chloride (the primary components of salt) are absolutely essential to life – without regular intake of either, we would die.  Eating too much salt is equally life threatening and the NHS recommends that the daily intake of salt for an adult shouldn’t exceed 6g – about 1 teaspoon; children’s intake should be much lower 

  • 1 – 3 years 2g a day
  • 4 – 6 years 3g a day
  • 7 – 10 years 5g a day
  • 11 years and over 6g a day

The scientific study found significant levels of lead, mercury and cadmium in commonly bought sea and rock salt. These levels of heavy metals pose a greater risk to children as they are understood to be more sensitive than adults, and (as example) mercury can affect brain development. Because we’re all exposed to heavy metals in other foods as well as air and water pollution, we should be careful of additional exposure through salt. There is evidence that many children are in fact eating far more than the recommended daily amount of salt – especially if there is a perception that the salt used is ‘healthy’ or they’re eating a meal high in salt like chips.  

Followers of Himalayan pink salt, Celtic grey salt and the other coloured salts cite the high mineral content as the primary health benefit of using a particular salt.  While some salts, particularly the dark coloured salts, may contain higher levels of some minerals such as magnesium and iron, they are more likely to also contain heavy metals. Some of the salts tested are also certified organic, which shows that testing for purity, in addition to organic certification, is required.    

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